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Selection Tool

To select and edit cuboids you first need a selecting tool. By simply renaming a Diamond Sword or a Carrot on a Stick to BlingEdit you make yourself a selection tool.

Which one is better?

The Diamond Sword was the first tool but it came with some downsites such as being not very efficient when clicking fast or into blocks.
Sword Carrot
Select Left Mouse Button Right Mouse Button
Fast Clicking
Click inside Blocks
Can't destroy blocks by accident
Attracts Pigs
BTW you can just take both :D

Selection Mode

There are two selection modes and you can always switch between them by dropping the selection tool (Default key: q )

The Floating Cursor selects the block (also air) 5 Blocks in your line of sight. You can change the distance by clicking on the Chat Buttons Options:[Range 5] [Range 10] [Range 15] [Range 20]

The Raycast Cursor selects the first block you are looking at (not air). You can also change the selection to be placed before this block, by clicking on the Chat Buttons Options:[Select Inside Blocks] [Select Before Blocks]